South African Lotto Results

How to Play the Lotto

  • Buy tickets for R3.50 each from any licensed retailer.
  • Pick six numbers from 1 to 49.
  • Draws are Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 21h30 (SAST)
  • Check your winning Lotto numbers here.
  • Win jackpots starting at R2 million and rollover if they aren't won.
  • Claim any prizes within 365 days of the draw.
South African Lotto Plus Results

How to Play Lotto Plus

  • Buy a Lotto ticket and mark the Lotto Plus box at the top at an extra cost of R1.50.
  • Pick the same numbers as you did for Lotto.
  • Draws immediately after Lotto draws on Wednesday and Saturday night.
  • Check your winning Lotto Plus numbers.
  • Win jackpots ranging from R100,000 up to R3,000,000 million and even more.
  • Claim any prize within 365 days of the draw.
South African Powerball Results

How to Play Powerball

  • Buy tickets for R3.50 from authorised Powerball retailers.
  • Pick five numbers from 1 to 45 and one Powerball number from 1 to 20.
  • Draws take place at 21.30 (SAST) every Tuesday and Friday night.
  • Check your winning Powerball numbers.
  • Win prizes from R8 up to huge Jackpots averaging more than R22,000,000.
  • Claim any prize within one year of the draw date.